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Limited hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Additional hours available for those preferring private "one-on-one" service. Curbside pickup available. Please call 248.642.7755 or e-mail Al Skiba ( or Kurtis Williams ( for assistance with your purchase.

Small leather goods such as wallets, flasks and money clips make perfect Father’s Day gifts. Prices begin at just $69.

Express your personal style with these handsomely crafted cufflinks, blazer buttons and collar bars. From $85.

A timeless fragrance that captures the essence of the tropics, Royall Lyme Colognes are available in a variety of fragrances. Cologne $55.

Distinctively different, Drake’s neckties are handmade in the heart of London. $185 and up.

As high-tech as they are traditional, these driving gloves feature soft leather sheepskin and touchscreen technology. $115.

When it comes to being immaculately attired, one of the key tools of the trade is a Kent Clothing Brush, highlighted by pure black bristles on a cherry wood veneer handle. Brushes $40 to $80.

For a leisure day at home, nothing beats a classic Derek Rose robe. Navy and White print motif shown. Additional prints also available. Cotton Robe $400. Silk Ascot $175.

Pure cotton socks, silk braces and eyeglass cases.
Socks: $30-$40. Braces: $75. Eyeglass cases: $35.

Fun pastel silk stripe neckties from R. Hanauer. $110.

R. Jensen silk stripe neckties in cornflower blue hues. $145.