It’s Very Possible to Look Your Best, Have Fun and be Comfortable at the Same Time.

Despite popular opinion, it is very possible to look your best, have fun and be comfortable at the same time. In fact, we highly recommend it. Classic American Menswear is deeply rooted in practicality and durability. The clothes are hard-wearing and convey a sporty elegance. American style has evolved over the past century to combine […]

Alden Shoes and The Claymore Shop: Partners in Style

Alden Shoes Claymore Shop

If there’s one shoe brand that represents the true essence of traditional American menswear, it’s Alden. Very few brands can claim that they have been handcrafted in the USA – or anywhere for that matter – since 1884. Even less have designs that remain largely unchanged for 75 years and have products that get better-looking […]