Claymore Adds Original Madras Trading Company to the Product Line

striking colors and bold patterns


We want to introduce you to the new gem of the shop, the handloomed Madras shirt from Original Madras Trading Company. Crafted in India, the hand-spun cotton fabric is designed with traditional weaving techniques that take a master weaver around three hours to weave one yard of fabric. The craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these easy-to-care-for shirts is unparalleled in modern clothing. The quality of the unique fabrics shines through in their durability and intricate designs, which are lost on modern looms.

symbolic wardrobe staple

Madras shirts are a uniquely vibrant part of sartorial history. Their striking colors and bold patterns were created using a special dyeing technique called “yarn-dyeing,” This special process makes the fabric extremely durable, so that it retains its vibrancy wash after wash, but also makes it softer than many other fabrics.

The lightweight fabric of the Madras shirt allows for excellent breathability, keeping you cool in even the most humid of weather conditions. It’s soft fabric feels luscious to the touch, almost like butter. The hand-loomed nature ensures that every shirt is unique and charming.

pursuit of happiness

Madras Trading Company

For over a century, the Madras shirt has been the symbolic wardrobe staple for men around the world. Their versatility propels them from work to weekend and everywhere in between.

The collection is made for travel and the pursuit of happiness. Hand-loomed shirts from Original Madras Trading Company are the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. They are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of India, and a unique way to show appreciation for artisans who keep them alive.

To truly understand the excitement revolving around Madras Trading Company, visit the shop and try a few on for yourself!