Welcome to the Claymore Shop

Come on in, relax, enjoy yourself. Let’s face it, you’ve earned it. You’ve worked hard and attained a certain
measure of success – and it’s time to look like the success you’ve achieved.

At the Claymore, we offer clothing of character and distinction, for the man of character and distinction. From the finest the European mills have to offer, to prestigious
names from America and around the globe. So stop by, check out the new collections, and ask our expert sales staff a thousand questions – or not. Just come in, sit
down, have a drink, leaf through a magazine, shop at your own pace – in a serene, club-like atmosphere, as much men’s lounge as retail store.

It’s the way men are supposed to shop. It’s the Claymore Shop – fine menswear for professional executives on the way up, or already there.