Drake's Madras Check Games Blazer Mk. IV - Multi

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As with all members of the Games family of garments, the Mk. IV is defined by a specific sensibility: informal, practical and hardwearing, yet undeniably possessing a certain elegance.

It’s an unfussy, single-breasted jacket with no lining or structure. Where the Mk. IV differs is, firstly, in its pockets. The Mk. IV (in line with its name) has not one, not two, but four patch-flap pockets on its front, lending it that sense of hardiness which suffuses the collection as a whole.

Drake's also broadened the lapels out slightly, to make it a touch more redolent of the 1970s, with a functional keyhole buttonhole for full fastening.

Madras is a certified summer staple; woven from a delicate, short-staple cotton fiber that is home-spun by hand, resulting in the slubby unique texture.

This particular cloth is woven in a custom check, with colors typical of the natural dyeing process madras cotton undergoes, and as such is guaranteed to age beautifully with with washing and wear.

  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Cotton
  • Unlined Body
  • Four Outer Patch-Flap Pockets
  • Two Inner Pockets
  • Unstructured Composition
  • Soft, Natural Shoulder Line
  • Notch Lapels
  • Ventless Back
  • All Suits and Blazers Come with a Drake’s Garment Bag
  • Estimated delivery: May 28 - Jun 01
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