Rowing Blazers Climber Stripe Rugby - Blue/Red/Gold

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Super heavyweight (400g / 14 oz.) rugby jersey. Handmade in Europe from 100% cotton and knit in the traditional 12-gauge style on vintage looms. Stunning material and craftsmanship. Feels incredible.

  • Traditional rugby collar and three-button placket. Machine wash cold. Wash inside out. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron buttons.
  • Fits true to size.
  • The rugby shirt, to us, is a perfect garment: versatile, durable and eminently wearable, blending elements of sporting history with bold, colorful designs. That’s why Rowing Blazer's rugbies — made from 100% cotton and knit in the traditional 12-gauge style on vintage looms in Portugal — were some of the first pieces they ever made, and today, they still represent a core part of their ever-evolving identity.

    According to legend, the game of rugby originated at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England during a football match in 1823, when one of the players caught the ball and simply ran with it in his arms to the opposing goal. And although its rules evolved significantly in the following years (first being passed orally from one class of students to the next before finally being codified by the school’s headmaster in 1845), one element of the game has remained essentially unchanged: the titular shirt, a heavyweight, long-sleeved cotton top with a contrasting collar and bold colors and stripes designed for easy legibility on the pitch.
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